Panda Gatedefender

Complete and flexible perimeter security for corporate networks

Corporate environments are exposed to a wide variety of IT security threats and require comprehensive, simple-to-manage security solutions that integrate easily into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure.

Panda Gatedefender eSeries provides, in a single product, all the security services you need to protect your company’s network, adapting to your IT environment through its wide range of models and platforms.

Why Panda GateDefender eSeries?

Because you will enjoy a complete set of features in every model at no additional cost.

Protect your network against all types of threats

  • Keep your network data free from viruses and intrusions with its firewall and IDS features.
  • Filter out Web pages and email messages with unwanted and/or dangerous content.

Increase your company’s productivity

  • Enjoy central visibility and control over users’ traffic at application level with the application firewall.
  • Filter out unwanted emails with the anti-spam filter.
  • Control bandwidth usage and prioritize your company’s productive traffic.

Manage your network’s security with tools for key accounts

  • Justify security investments to management and detect troublesome spots on the network with real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Panda Perimetral Console allows you to manage and update all your GateDefender eSeries appliances anytime, anywhere.
  • All from a simple Web browser.

All of the features of a UTM device in all models and platforms, at no additional cost

  • Hardware, Virtual and Software versions to meet the needs of your company’s infrastructure.
  • State-of-the-art VPN technology:  Fast, secure and transparent access to the corporate network for roaming employees, remote   offices and/or employees using their own devices (BYOD).
  • High-availability service with two or more appliances to ensure service continuity.
  • Redundant Internet connectivity compatible with ADSL/UMTS/GPRS/3G/4G technologies.
  • Hotspot: Secure, controlled access to the Internet and to the organization’s internal resources for external users and visitors.   Multiple billing options available.



  • Choose from a wide range of hardware devices ready to offer, along with UTM software developed by Panda Security, the best network protection for your company.
  • It responds to the needs of all types of companies: from remote offices, to mid-sized or large networks.


  • Convert one of your computers into the best security appliance by installing the UTM software developed by Panda Security.
  • Gatedefender Software Edition adapts seamlessly to your company’s capacity in terms of users and network requirements.


  • Gatedefender is compatible with the leading hypervisor-based platforms (VMware, Xen / Citrix and KVM).
  • Install and configure a perimeter security appliance like Gatedefender in your virtual environment in a matter of seconds.


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