Panda free




Panda Antivirus protects while you browse, play or work online, and you won´t even notice it’s there.

It is extremely light as all the work is done in the cloud.


This is a truly ‘install and forget’ solution.

You won’t have to worry about updates, or complex settings and decisions ever again. It works for you.


It delivers maximum and fast protection against the latest viruses, thanks to cloud-scanning from the Collective Intelligence servers.

There’s no need for massive signature files on your PC or daily updates.


Panda Free Antivirus 2016  

Panda Antivirus Pro 2016  Panda Internet Security 2016  Panda Global Protection 2016 

Antivirus for Windows

Protect your PC against any kind of threat.


Wi-Fi Protection

Protect your Wi-Fi network and block intruders.


Parental Control

Keep your children away from inappropriate content.


Data Shield

Protect your money and most important data from cyber-criminals.



Back up your files and recover them quickly and simply.


Password Manager

Manage all of your passwords with a single click.


File Encryptor

Encrypt your confidential data.


File Shredder

Delete files permanently.



Optimize your computer for peak performance.


iOS® and Mac®


iPhone location service

Locate your lost or stolen iPhone/iPad.


Antivirus for Mac

Protect your Mac and iPhone against any kind of threat 1.


Android ™


Antivirus for Android

Protect your device against any kind of threat.


Anti-Theft for Android

Locate, lock and wipe your device remotely.


Device optimization

Improve performance and maximize battery life.


Technical Support



Technical support via phone, email, chat, Web, and forum 2.




This pack entitles you to install a single license for Mac®. Scanning and disinfection from a Panda-protected Mac® computer.