Heimdal Threat Prevention Endpoint

AI-driven Neural Network Predictive DNS

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention

DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS filtering for your Perimeter and Endpoints.

The most powerful Endpoint and Network DNS Security.

Powered by our AI-driven, “Character-Based” Neural Network intelligence, DarkLayer GUARD™ adds threat hunting, prevention, detection, and blocking to your Network and Endpoints.

VectorN Detection™ detects hidden threats using advanced Machine Learning algorithms, delivering HIPS/HIDS and IOA/IOC capabilities to detect even concealed malware.

Advanced forms of malicious software (such as polymorphic malware) evade traditional, signature-based security solutions. Studies have shown that 97% of all malware infections use some type of polymorphic techniques to bypass detection. Hence, businesses can no longer rely on Antivirus alone to face tomorrow’s threats. HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention is the world’s most advanced DNS product, used to identify infected users and processes.

HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention


Stop threats at the Perimeter-level with our Network Prevention, Detection, and Response tool and experience complete DNS protection.

Spot even hidden threats using AI and log your network traffic.

With Heimdal’s Network Threat Prevention, you don’t need any solution installed on your endpoints. This is crucial when malicious actors engage in traffic-sniffing attacks or your employees are using their personal (and potentially compromised) devices.

HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention


Hunt, prevent, detect, and block threats at the Endpoint-level with the most advanced DNS filtering tool.

Detect DNS hijacking and stop exploits, ransomware, data leaks, and more. Limit access to certain web categories.

With this cutting-edge technology deployed, when your employees are connecting their corporate-owned devices to open, unsecured Wi-Fi systems, your company’s data will be kept safe.


Unleash comprehensive threat hunting capabilities

By identifying compromised users and malicious processes using the Threat to Process Correlation (TTPC) technology, HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention provides you with unique threat hunting and ultimate visibility.

Leverage a Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), augmented by a highly intelligent threat detection technology powered by AI. We also provision you with a Host-Based Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) and hence Indicators of Attack (IOAs) / Indicators of Compromise (IOCs).

Advanced Endpoint and Network DNS Security

Picture this. Your ideal setting with no digital boundaries, where you can prevent, detect, and block threats and proactively hunt for DNS-based threats to spot users and processes at risk.

Stop unknown threats from reaching your Endpoints or Perimeter with a unique security suite and filter traffic at the DNS, HTTP and HTTPS layers.

HEIMDAL™ Threat Prevention empowers you to move beyond signature-based detection and block attacks that Antivirus will never recognize.

Powerful Machine Learning-driven intelligence

With all DNS vulnerabilities covered, you will be ready to focus on what matters.

DarkLayer GUARD™ has been designed to go beyond flawless DNS filtering.

We’ve achieved this state by also leveraging the intelligence offered by the VectorN Detection™ engine, which analyzes traffic and behavioral patterns using Machine-Learning algorithms specifically trained for threat hunting.